Ryan Gosling's Eye

Ryan Gosling has a lazy eye. It does not make him less successful or attractive, but come on. He really does.

Ryan Gosling Has A Lazy Eye

Before you start bombarding me with hate comments, let me clarify. It doesn’t make him any less attractive and it doesn’t affect his ability or skill as an actor. But no one wants to talk about it. No one mentions it. It’s like, the taboo subject at the party.

"Yes, Ryan is coming! He’ll be here later. Oh, just make sure not to say anything about his eye. We don’t want to make him uncomfortable."

He knows he has a lazy eye. And it hasn’t hurt him a single bit. He has straight women, gay men, straight men and lesbians all fawning over him.

He’s on the cover of G-freaking-Q Magazine!

But you can NOT argue with me and say he doesn’t have a lazy eye. There’s a certain siren song about it that makes you just…look at it.